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We create design for web sites, mobile applications and online stores. We are also proficient in prototyping and UX.

What are the key principles that make design look good? Usability, visual cleanness, right color coding, balanced typography, grids and modern look. That’s what Apple, Microsoft, Uber and AirBnb look like. And that is the design approach we practice.

We are a team of experienced and highly qualified designers. Each of us is focused on the result. We start a new project with “What’s the crucial point for the user” question. We always try to go as deep into the problem as it’s possible.


    • We are familiar with html, css, js, php limitations, know all the popular media queries for responsive design and will always contact with a front-end developer before designing something.
    • We work together in a small office and most of the questions are discussed together. This helps to make decisions comprehensively.
    • We believe there are 3 qualities that can make a good ux/ui designer: empathy ( an ability to walk in user’s shoes), analyzing skills and emphasizing what comes first. Every day we work on improving these qualities.
    • We are super flexible. We are ready to implement your ideas 24/7. Our services are not overpriced. We are focused on long term cooperation.


There are some typical cases when we can help you.

If you need a website design. And you have some ideas about it (or not)
If you already have wireframes and looking for somebody who can make perfect UI
If you want to redesign an existing website
If you need mobile app design
If you need UX or prototyping.
If you want to hire outsource designers for ongoing basis


    • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure PR, Sketch;
    • Understanding usability principles and user behavior;
    • Ability to transform business requirements into simple and clear prototypes (wireframes);
    • Experience in web-interface design (websites, landing pages, web services);
    • Experience with E-commerce projects, understanding the structure and functionality of online stores;
    • Аble to build responsive and adaptive interfaces and to work with modular grid;
    • Understanding of the capabilities and limitations of HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP;




To hire us please contact an agency manager:
E-mail: info@ux-energy.com
Skype: artstyleua
Upwork: Hire Us

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